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Mr. McFeely Greets Kids in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

A legacy, 40 years of service, Mister Rogers and the catch phrase "Speedy Delivery" are just a few pieces of the DAVID NEWELL puzzle. As MR. MCFEELY, fans treasure his appearances on the iconic MR. ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD, but few know that this character is just the tip of the iceberg. When Fred Rogers handpicked him in 1967, DAVID NEWELL had no idea that his entire life was about to change. Four decades later, and following the death of his close friend Fred Rogers in 2003, MR. MCFEELY has become the face of The Neighborhood, and DAVID NEWELL its greatest ambassador.

Speedy Delivery Director Paul Germain with David Newell, a.k.a. Mr. McFeely

In a time where children's television is in transition, DAVID NEWELL travels the globe as MR. MCFEELY, confronted with the challenge to keep The Neighborhood alive, and in syndication.

"SPEEDY DELIVERY" is a captivating and inspiring story of passion, responsibility, loss and hope. Can MR. MCFEELY save Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, and how much of its legacy is actually his own?


Mr. Roger's Neighborhood Speedy Delivery Montage